This is crazy, Facebook has just announced they have passed the 2 Billion Monthly Active Users milestone.


Let that sink in for a moment….right, you got it? Great, then let’s put it all in perspective. The current estimate of the world population is 7.5 Billion people, so assuming that every monthly active user on Facebook is actually a real person then it would appear that Facebook now have over 26% of the world posting cat videos and living in their tiny world-view bubble.

Now let’s take into account a few things we understand about the world. First of all, in India, only 18% of the population have access to the internet. This immediately removes an estimated 1 billion people. Then take into account that Facebook is currently banned in China (there goes another 1.4 billion est). How about the fact that people under 13 cannot sign up on Facebook (and yes, we are all aware that they do. Just go with me on this one), that is another estimated 1.17 billion out of the mix.

Just taking into account those stats, this means that of the world’s population, only 3.93 billion could have access to Facebook if they wanted too. So that means (by my very crude logic), that over half the eligible population is using Facebook every month….crazy huh!?!