So Twitter is rolling out 4 new buttons to allow people to engage with brands through opening links, posting pre-written tweets and even starting DM conversation with an alternative account.

The buttons can be used within Twitter or on your own site and you can use up to three of the buttons per message.

It seems pretty trivial at first until you see how clear the call to actions looks in situ. This is a great way to help increase engagement.

Some of the new additions:

Start a conversation – this is perfect for brands that have multiple Twitter accounts. You can use the button to send someone from one DM thread directly to another account’s DM. A practical example would be if you had separate brand and service accounts. You could direct a service query that originated on the brand account, directly to the DM inbox of the service account.

Follow – pretty self-explanatory.

Send a tweet – you can have a pre-prepared tweet reading for them to send. Users can still edit the tweet before sending it.

Link buttons – a far better-looking alternative to just pasting a URL in the tweet.

To use the buttons, keep an eye on

No word yet on when it will be fully rolled out.