This is an interesting and much-needed development by Instagram.

In a release on the Instagram blog, they announced two new features to help “create a safe place for self-expression”.

The first is the ability for users to hide offensive comments.

In Instagram’s words: “Many of you have told us that toxic comments discourage you from enjoying Instagram and expressing yourself freely. To help, we’ve developed a filter that will block certain offensive comments on posts and in live video.”

In the settings, you will have the option to use their Artificial Intelligence filter that will determine if a comment is toxic.


“All other comments will appear as they normally do and you can still report comments, delete comments or turn them off. Also, you can always turn this filter off. To access it, click the “…” settings menu from the profile and scroll to tap “Comments.””

In addition, they have also introduced a spam filter that will use the A.I. to look for obvious signs of spamming in comments. Once identified, it will be blocked from your posts and live videos.

A good step in the right direction, especially for brands trying to protect their reputation. I will leave the final words to Kevin Systrom the CEO of Instagram:

“We believe that using machine learning to build tools to safeguard self-expression is an important step in fostering more inclusive, kinder communities. Our work is far from finished and perfect, but I hope we’re helping you feel safer and more welcome on Instagram.”