Facebook Limits Number of Daily Links

You would not be mistaken if you noticed a trend on social media lately.  After certain recent political happenings in the US of A, a large spotlight has been shining on the topic of ‘Fake News’ and what is or isn’t shown in our news feeds. With all of the attention it has garnered, the social platforms are scrambling to put in place measures to combat the effect of misinformation and hopefully create some sort of balance.

As part of their ever increasing efforts, Facebook has just announced a minor change that will affect a very small portion of the Facebook family.  It has updated the News Feed algorithm limiting the reach of content shared by profiles that regularly post large amounts of links in quick succession.

You can read the full release on Facebook, however, to summarise:

“Our research shows that there is a tiny group of people on Facebook who routinely share vast amounts of public posts per day, effectively spamming people’s feeds. Our research further shows that the links they share tend to include low quality content such as clickbait, sensationalism, and misinformation. As a result, we want to reduce the influence of these spammers and deprioritize the links they share more frequently than regular sharers.”

This one is a no-brainer really.  If any digital marketers are using link spamming as part of a campaign, then you seriously have to question their methods. As we preach over and over again, digital marketing (as with any legitimate marketing) should be about the customer experience first and foremost! Speaking from experience, receiving large amounts of spam clogging up a news feed is not customer centric and a terrible experience.