…and more!

Google today announced it is adding some much-needed features to its online form and survey builder – Google Forms.

Here is a pick of some of the key changes:

New question type – you can now add a new question type to Google Forms, the checkbox grid. This allows respondents to check multiple options in a grid format. This is a feature I have been wanting for some time and brings Google Forms in line with most other form/survey builders.

Intelligent Response Validation – Google Forms will now suggest the right kind of response validation based on the question you ask. In the words of Google “If you ask respondents for their age, for instance, we may recommend validating that the answer they provide is a whole number. (Note that this feature is rolling out gradually and may take several weeks to appear in your domain.)”

Cross Domain File Uploads – Oftentimes, when you use Forms, you need to gather information from third parties, customers, and more. Google Forms now allows users outside of your domain to upload files as responses to questions – there is a limitation however, it will only allow it if both of your organizations allow cross-domain sharing in Google Drive. “Based on usage patterns, total uploads to new forms will be capped at 1GB, with an option to increase that limit to 1TB. Uploads to existing forms will be capped at 1TB.”

Section Reordering – I can hear a collective sigh of relief from Google Form users around the world as you will now have an easy way to organize (and reorganize) your questions in Forms. Google has now made it possible to reorder whole sections quickly and easily.


This will be available to all G Suite editions and Google is launching to Rapid Release now, with Scheduled Release coming in two weeks. It will then move to full rollout allowing 1–3 days for feature visibility.