On the surface, this does not look like a big deal, but once you start to break down the opportunities, this could be the next Rich Snippets.

Google has rolled out a new feature called Suggested Clips and it essentially displays a suggested video at the top of your search results in Google.

There are some catches to it at the moment, namely:

  • The search parameter must be in the form of a question
  • The search must contain the word Youtube
  • The video will start at the exact point in the video where the question is being answered
  • Unsurprisingly, the video must be on Youtube
  • The speech in the video must have perfect pronunciation and be as clear as possible


So why is this a big deal?

First of all, it is a much better experience for the user (skipping all of the unwanted intro parts of the video).  As we know, the better the experience for the user, the more Google love us.

Next, if this feature becomes more widely used, then it will shape how we construct video (e.g. if it skips the intro, how do we get our message across?)

And lastly, if users ultimately find this useful, then you could put money on the fact that Google will roll this out more widely.  Imagine if they took away the need to use the word Youtube in the search and instead made this an option for all search terms (that have corresponding videos).

How will this affect SEO? Google will be pushing traffic to their own platform Youtube rather than to our pages to get answers. How will this affect our search reputation? Will videos that appear in Suggested Clips have a better reputation for backlinks? So much to think about.

This is an interesting one and I am keen to hear your thoughts. Let us know on social whether this will add value to users and how this will affect search going forward.


Photo credit

William Stitt