This brought a big smile to my face.

Google has announced that they are rolling out a new (and very welcomed) feature to Google Analytics.

This was teased close to a year ago and it has finally been announced that over the next few weeks you will be able to ask basic questions of the Google Analytics 360 interface.

You can now ask the interface plain English questions such as “How many new users did we have from organic search on mobile last week?” and it will give you an instant answer.

This is all part of the Analytics Intelligence feature set that Google has been working on. This uses machine learning to suggest automated insights when users log in. Google analyses who is logged in, and tries to suggest the most relevant insights for the user.

According to Joe Whitehead, Analytics Consultant, Merkle | Periscopix “Analytics Intelligence enables those users who aren’t too familiar with Google Analytics to access and make use of the data within their business’ account. Democratising data in this way can only be a good thing for everyone involved in Google Analytics!”


Photo Credit

Edho Pratama