Google has always been known for their simplistic, sparse designs. In fact, in a lot of ways, they have reshaped how we think of web design. Well, now all of that could change again.

Google is rolling out a new version of the homepage. It will be a personalised news feed similar to the Google mobile app which has a feed of both news and events.

The really interesting part of this though is how Google decides what to show you in your personal feed. Google has employed some pretty sophisticated A.I. to work out what is relevant to you. It will be based on your search history and geo location.

This sounded like a giant misstep to me as it has the potential to end up creating more cognitive bias along the lines of the tiny little social bubbles the world seems to live in on Facebook and Twitter. However, early indications have shown that the feed seems to provide a balance of stories and views (hopefully this can stay that way).

Google also gives you the ability to follow a feed from within the homepage, which is a nice touch.

The interesting question for digital marketers is what this means for us. Is google going to allow paid search ads on the home screen (please say yes)? Are we going to see a reduction in search queries if the most relevant stories are on the home screen? How do we appear at the top of everyone’s feed?

We are all going to have to watch this one closely