Apple has officially launched the Apple Machine Learning Journal. A platform where the geekiest of Apple engineers get to publish their learnings on all things Machine Learning.

This is an interesting move from Apple who has traditionally kept their work a lot closer to their chest.

So far, they have published (or rather, re-published an older piece of content) on the journal entitled “Improving the Realism of Synthetic Images“. Have a read, although I warn you, it is written by engineers.

So why now? What is Apple’s play with the Journal? Well funny enough, it has nothing to do with consumers or investors, it appears to be a play for employment. Apple is putting out their research so that developers in A.I. and Machine Learning will understand how far forward Apple are and consider joining the team. The first journal entry has links to working at Apple at the end and is written by engineers instead of being translated into plain English for the rest of us.

An interesting move from Apple and potentially a very good one.

Let us know if you are a Machine Learning specialist, would this change your perspective towards Apple?