Google announced (via Twitter) that they have added new filters to the search appearance tab in Google Analytics for job listings.

Basically, if you have job listings on your site, then Google will now allow you to filter your Analytics report to show the traffic, clicks, positions etc that the job listings are bringing to your site.

The filter can be found under the ‘search appearance’ section in GA. Here is a screen shot that Google shared (note, the emoji’s are the addition by those crazy whacky Google devs):

Great news for companies that are growing. Often the interest in job listings brings a lot of traffic to sort after growth companies. It will be interesting to watch the behaviours of job seekers with regards to the rest of the site. Next, we will want to track the exact behaviour to the individual applicant to see how much research they have done prior to applying for the job.

This is yet another sign that Google is taking job listings seriously. They recently announced that they have opened up a job schema so that everyone can mark up their job listings appropriately to take full advantage of the new Google for Jobs feature.