The rumour mill is buzzing with Bloomberg reporting that Facebook will be launching the long awaited Facebook TV in August. Facebook has declined to comment on the launch, so there is nothing official yet.

So what is Facebook TV you ask?

Facebook TV is a push into long form entertainment and an extension of the laser like focus that they have had on all things video. You can think of it as a mid point between the low brow entertainment we get on Youtube and the quality original programming on platforms such as Netflix and Amazon (and speaking of quality, not long till Netflix release the Defenders TV show….very excited).

So think of it as middle-of-the-road original content. Shows will initially be 5-10 minutes long and will be created through the media companies that have partnered with Facebook. The shows will be owned by the media companies with Facebook taking a 45% cut of any revenue.

The media partners so far include BuzzFeed, Vox Media, ATTN, and Group Nine Media.

The next step in the plan for global TV domination will be 20-30 minutes shows that will be solely owned by Facebook.

We are yet to see how this will be monetized. Will it be solely through advertising or will there be a pay per view element? This makes it a little harder to see how this will impact digital marketing. However, one thing is obvious, the push to longer form entertainment will see a shift in how we do content marketing. We should be thinking now of how we can deliver a longer form experience that adds value to potential customers, while still being authentic and entertaining.