Content Discovery platform Outbrain strengthened their position in the Content Marketing space with their recent acquisition of Native Advertising DSP Zemanta.

Ayal Steiner, Managing Director of Outbrain APAC announced on LinkedIn “As The Discovery Category keeps booming, there is a need for marketers to drive efficient native media buy across any platform, placement or device. Outbrain Acquired Zemanta to do just that. Zemanta is the world’s leading Native DSP and is specialising in managing Native Ad campaigns across any platform in one environment.”

This announcement comes in a competitive month for Native Advertising as earlier this month Google announced the launch of their Adsense Native Ads product.

Speaking to Campaign Asia on the increased competition in Native Advertising Ayal says “The rise of mobile in APAC makes native a very appealing proposition because it is one format where consumers do not ignore or (less liable) to ad block,”.

With Google making moves in Native Advertising this month it answers some of the questions I had surrounding default ad blocking on Chrome and how Google plan to not lose out. Still, the question remains how extensive will the default ad blocking be? Time will tell…