Facebook owned WhatsApp has just announced some pretty impressive figures at their Q2 2017 earnings announcement.

Here are some of the key figures:

  • 1 billion daily users
  • 250 million daily WhatsApp status users (their version of Snapchat Stories)
  • 55 billion messages per day
  • 4.5 billion photos per day

The biggest takeaway from this is that WhatsApp Status has now surpassed both Snapchat (with 166 million daily users) and Instagram stories (with 200 million daily users).

So what does that mean for digital marketing? We think this one is pretty obvious. If you aren’t already thinking about how you can incorporate WhatsApp into your digital marketing strategy, then you need to move now. Let us know how you are leveraging the platform for your own marketing. Are you using (or planning to use) chatbot integration with WhatsApp?

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