After a less than stellar Q2 financial report, Twitter is looking to find alternative ways to move the dial on ad revenue.

As part of this push, a number of Twitter users have reported that there is a closed beta test of a new subscription based ad program.

Essentially, small to medium businesses can pay $99 per month to let Twitter do the heavy ad lifting for them.



Twitter has confirmed this through a spokesperson yesterday.

Businesses can focus on adding content/tweets and Twitter will automatically promote your tweets for you.

So what do you get for your $99 per month?

  • You get always on promoted account ads.
  • Up to the first 10 tweets/retweets/quote tweets (replies are not included as part of the promoted tweets) promoted via Twitter.

The caveat is that you cannot choose which tweets get promoted and in fact, have very little control over who the ads are shown to.

So what do you think? Will businesses that do not have internal digital or social marketing resource take to this? Only time will tell.