There is always a lot of speculation as to what can negatively impact your SEO. In a recent twitter conversation with Gary Illyes from Google, it was asked if sticky footers are seen as an issue from Google and whether or not it will negatively affect SEO.

Gary was pretty clear about the answer and in doing so, highlighted what we (as digital marketers) should all be focussed on – good user experience.


Looking at Google’s Web Master Guidelines, there is nothing against sticky footers, however, looking at the better ads standards guide. You will need to ensure that the sticky footer does not contain an ad that takes up more than 30% of the screen (particularly relevant on mobile).

From better ads standard:

“Large Sticky Ads stick to the edge of a page, regardless of a user’s efforts to scroll. As the user browses the page, this static, immobile sticky ad takes up more than 30% of the screen’s real estate.

A Large Sticky Ad has an impeding effect by continuing to obstruct a portion of the page view regardless of where the user moves on the page.”

So in conclusion, yes, sticky footers are allowed, but only if they do not contain obtrusive ads and make sure that none of this is a negative user experience.