According to a new report from Bloomberg, Facebook is not only working on the rumored ‘Smart Speaker’, but also a ‘Smart Video Chat Device’.

We reported earlier that Facebook was working on a Smart Speaker to take on the likes of Amazon Echo, Amazon Echo Dot, Google Home, and the over priced Apple HomePod. This new report seems to confirm this rumour and even add to it by claiming that Facebook is also going to launch an Amazon Echo Show competitor.

The new Video Chat Device is rumoured to have a much larger screen than the Echo Show (between 13 to 15-inch display) and it will be reportedly running a version of Android as an operating system.

This is a convergence of Facebook’s key focusses of late: Video, AI in Chatbots, and Mark Zuckerberg building his own AI personal assistant to run his home (hey, everyone needs a hobby).

Believe it or not, this makes perfect sense for Facebook. They have been quite open about the fact that they are hitting their ad ceiling (after all, there is only so many places you can place ads on Facebook) and the device could give them an additional revenue stream for the hardware as well as additional opportunities for advertisers to get to the heart of where they want, right in the consumers kitchen/bedroom/living room.

The other reason this makes sense is data. We all know that whoever has the data, holds the power. Facebook wants in on that data. The more they can spy….I mean Passively Listen to our home life, they more insights they can sell to us digital marketers. And it is hard to argue against this. This could be a powerful tool in the right hands.