LinkedIn is continuing to impress with the release of another tool that looks genuinely useful.

The tool is called ‘Website Demographics‘ and will give you a range of insights into who is visiting your website.

Similar to pixel trackers, digital marketers can add a line of code to their site or embed the LinkedIn Insights Tag into their tag manager. This will all enable LinkedIn to connect your website visitor data to associated LinkedIn profiles. Sadly, you will not be able to see the actual details of each visitor, LinkedIn instead gives you anonymised insight data where you can filter the traffic be LinkedIn demographic categories.

The categories range from:

  • Industry
  • Job Title, Job Function and Job Seniority
  • Company, Company Size
  • Location and Country

You can also (of course) filter based on the usual date range breakdowns (last 30 days, month, week, day, custom range etc).

LinkedIn has released this to help digital marketers (and their respective businesses) to run better-targeted ad campaigns and marketing processes.

“For example, let’s say you run marketing for an IT business and traditionally target technology professionals. Looking at your Website Demographics dashboard, you discover that healthcare professionals are visiting a product page more than you imagined. Equipped with this knowledge, you can adjust your marketing strategy to target this newly discovered audience.”

With over 500 million users, there is a lot of data for LinkedIn to pool from.

Let us know if you are using this new tool, how you are using it. We want to hear some interesting case studies.