Rumours are flying after a report from the Wall Street Journal claims that Google is building a new technology that allows publishers (primarily news publishers) to build Snapchat like stories that would be discoverable within Google Search.

Building on Google back AMP (Accelerated Mobile Page) technology, it will combine photos, videos, and text. The new service will be called “Stamp” and which they swear is not designed to evoke images of Snapchat, but instead to stand for “Stories”.

No word yet on what it will look like or how it will be integrated into search (although, rumours put the new feature just below the search bar on Android devices), or when it will go live.

We joke about the similarities to Snapchat, but in reality, this is more likely a response to Facebook Instant Articles. The fact that Instant Articles are native to the Facebook app, means that more people are spending time within the Facebook ecosystem. This is not an ideal scenario for Google who would rather your mobile facing time be spent purely on Google.

I am more interested in how this is going to affect search behavior. As always, having something appear above the search (and paid search) results could drive less engagement with the search results. I am also keen to see how we, as digital marketers, can leverage this technology to keep ahead of the game. One thing is for certain, it again puts emphasis on the use of AMP technology.