It’s no secret that Snap Inc need a game-changer to reverse the shrinking of their share price. A week out from their Q2 earnings call release, they may have just found it.

Snapchat is now launching the “Snapchat Ads Manager – Advanced Mode”. Essentially, it is a suite of advanced features designed to lure the larger advertisers on board with the ability to deploy complex ad campaigns with a vast array of creative variants.

According to Snapchat, some of the new advanced features include:

Audience Library
Create a list of your favorite Snapchat audiences, so setting up future campaigns is a breeze.

Automatic Permutation Testing
With a few clicks, you can create hundreds of permutations of custom audiences and ad creative variants.

Bulk Creation & Management
Use one of our spreadsheet templates, or import your own spreadsheet, to quickly create new campaigns, ad sets, and ads at scale.

Media Library
A new place to upload videos, images, and other assets to use in your campaigns. You can create multiple ad variants using your library in minutes.

Power Reporting
In-table pivoting (of all dimensions) and customized exports provide more control over your analytics.


Rolling out later this month, let’s see what that does for investor confidence.