This is absolutely staggering to think about, but according to a report published on The Next Web (and compiled by HootSuite and We Are Social), there are now 3.028 Billion social media users around the world.

To put this in context, there are only 7.524 billion actual people in the world. That means, in theory, over 40% of the world’s population is active on social.

There are, of course, so caveats around this. First of all, there is no indication how many of those users cross platform. e.g. there may be 2.074 billion monthly active users (MAU) on Facebook and 700 million MAU on Instagram, but how many of those users are in both Facebook AND Instagram’s count? A lot of people are active on multiple networks.

Additionally, there is no indication how many of those Monthly Active Users are bots.

Here is the full Slideshare report:



Take a moment and think about what these staggering numbers mean. For marketers in general, it should be an obvious wake-up call. If social is not yet a core part of your digital marketing strategy, you need to get to work asap.