YouTube appears to be testing a new feature that, to be honest, I am surprised wasn’t rolled out long ago. According to Android Police, the new feature displays the concurrent viewer count.

In other words, we will soon be able to see how many people are viewing the video at the same time. Have a look at what it looks like on legendary YouTuber Casey Neistat’s video:

Although relatively meaningless for most, this does pose some interesting possibilities.  I am keen to see what effect this has on user behaviour. Are users more likely to watch a video to completion if they see a number of people are also watching (a little fear-of-missing-out anyone)?

For video creators, it will be a useful tool to monitor video traction and to know if they should stay on the video ready to answer any questions (no point hanging around if there are no viewers).

I am keen to hear what this means to you…how will you use this kind of information? Will you use this info at all? Or is it just another vanity metric?