Bing Ads has announced they are rolling out customisable, colour coded labels. Similar to AdWords, you can apply a label (or up to 50 labels) to a campaign, ad group, or ad and keyword levels to help you sort, manage and analyze your campaigns.

The roll out is expected to go global within the next few weeks and will allow users to add and edit labels from the new menu item called (surprise surprise) ‘Labels’ that will appear in the various levels of the web interface.

All of the labels are available in the Dimensions Lab for reporting.

The interesting point here is that labels used in AdWords campaigns will be able to be ported over when you import a campaign from Google and can also be managed within the Bing Ads API.

This is a very welcome addition to Bing Ads and should make life a lot easier for the four or five people still using Bing Ads (sorry Bing, couldn’t resist hahahaa)