Well, this is an interesting development. YouTube has added a mobile-only feature that allows you to share a video with your contacts and then discuss it, all within the YouTube mobile app.

Once rolled out, the feature will be a part of the Share option in YouTube. You can select which contacts to share it with and they can reply with text or even another video.

The reason this is interesting is due to how the notifications work. Early testers are reporting that they get a notification from YouTube even when outside of the app. Current YouTube messages only notify you in-app and via email. The new feature will work similar to the new video notifications (if you have clicked on the little bell icon when subscribing to a YouTube channel.


What will be interesting is to see if user behaviour changes at all. This may actually prove to be the kind of feature that resonates with YouTube followers. Now I just want them to allow us to watch the video at the same time so we can all share in the jokes, action etc as it unfolds.

Thinking about the notifications aspect, what are some ways you could encourage usage of the feature to enable greater engagement with your videos and brand.