In the latest bid to lure frequent content creators over to LinkedIn, the company has announced they are releasing a video creation tool in LinkedIn’s mobile app.

According to LinkedIn’s email announcing the release:

“Some stories are better shown than told. Video allows you to evoke emotion, transport viewers, teach something or share some incredible piece of insight when words and images alone aren’t enough,” “We can’t wait to see how you use this new way to tell your stories on LinkedIn.”

It is worth noting that the feature is only available to frequent contributors at this stage (which counts me out), and will be accessible by using the movie camera icon to the left of the standard camera icon (it will make sense once you have it).

So why allow for video creation directly on LinkedIn? And why should we care?

Well, LinkedIn wants you to use the feature when at conferences, discussion panels, basically any professional event that you would normally capture video at. There is also an opportunity to share tutorials and thoughts on press releases etc. Anything that is relevant to your professional network, they want you to record it and share it.

For us, this may eventually prove useful, but at this stage, I really do not see any need for this. Let’s wait and see.