According to Snapchat’s content lead, Nick Bell, Snapchat could start sowing original scripted content before the end of the year.

Snapchat have tried this back in 2015 (before all the cool kids were working on original content) with the unwatchable series “Literally Can’t Even”, such an apt name if you ever tried to view it.

Despite the earlier miss, this makes sense for Snapchat. With the mega giants Apple and Facebook moving into this area, the war for our very limited attention span is heating up.

Nick didn’t give any indication as to the type of content they are looking to develop, but judging by their recent partnerships with ‘The Voice’ and ‘The Bachelor’, I am guessing it won’t be targeted at me.

The original content space is going to be very interesting to watch. If it is done well, it could have a significant effect on consumer behavior. We could see a quantum shift in where people spend their time (note: if done right). So as digital marketers, we need to be keeping an eye on where we want to be focussing our efforts and looking for new areas to experiment with.