As part of their move to combat ‘fake news’, Facebook is now allowing publishers to add their logos to article links that appear in Facebooks’ search results and Trending lists.

Facebook’s goal is to make readers become more aware of their news source. In saying that, the feature is not yet available in the main place people will read the articles, the news feed. I am pretty sure this will change though. Facebook has been making concerted efforts to deal with fake news and this could be a nice step int he right direction.

The change doesn’t really do much, other than swap out the name of the publisher with a logo.

Andrew Anker, Facebook’s Product Manager mentioned this is a company blog post:

“By surfacing publisher logos next to article links, we want to make it easier for publishers to extend their brand identity on Facebook — to enhance people’s awareness of the source of content they see on Facebook, so they can better decide what to read and share,”

If you wish to add your company’s logo, you can do this by uploading it through Facebook Pages’ Brand Asset Library. You can upload up to three versions of your logo, coloured, black and white.