Google has announced that they are starting to roll out support for local guides (among others) to upload videos to Google Maps local listings.

The announcement comes with a limitation though. According to Google:

“To add videos, you must use an Android device. To remove videos, you must use an Android device or a computer.”

So where can you add videos? Good question! There are going to be three different areas you can add them:

  • From a place’s page
  • From “Your Contributions”
  • And using the Gallery App or Google Photos

So what does this mean? How can we use this?

There are a number of different use cases including:

  • Bar/Shop/Restaurant/Office tours
  • Mini tours of shops or stores
  • Reviews of your favourite bars/restaurants
  • How to videos for local attractions

I want to hear what creative ways local establishments and businesses are going to use this for. These are the exact types of tools that open themselves up to true creativity.

Let us know on social if you plan to take advantage of this.