They say a change is as good as a holiday. If that is the case, then YouTube has just had a nice European vacation. The new release rolled out today has a number of key changes and we are here to break down the ones you need to know.

New Logo

Youtube has shifted the text to the right and removed the emphasis on the “Tube”. This is partly because no one really knows what Tube references these days. For those of you too young to know what I am talking about, ‘Tube’ is a slang word for Television. Of course, they reference the fact that the old TV sets were made of Cathode Ray Tubes….or Tubes.


A new look for desktop YouTube

Less Red, more white and a lot more room for the most important part of the desktop design, the video thumbnails.

Desktop Dark

Yes, the desktop version also has a dark mode now.

New mobile app

Nothing is sacred with the rollout, the mobile app gets a makeover as well:

  • More white space
  • No red banner
  • Addition of the variable speed mode (from the desktop version)
  • Adaptive player. Now the player will adapt to playing vertical video without the black bars.  It is worth noting that this feature is not yet released, but was announced in the changes. No word yet on when we will all see it.


A lot of these changes will have no effect on us as digital marketers, but any change designed to enhance the watching experience has to be a good thing.