Live Streamers rejoice! YouTube has announced an ‘Ultra-Low Latency’ mode for live streaming that will speed up your streams to near real time.

Wait, what!?! You mean my live stream is not really live? Correct!.

Not many people realize this, but live streams have a latency limitation which means that the viewer is not really seeing things as they happen. Some times the streams can be up to 10 seconds behind real life.

YouTube’s new mode fixes this and cuts down the latency to just a couple of seconds max.



As with anything good, it comes with some downsides. Mainly, the fact that users may have an increased chance of buffering.

So when should you use this and when shouldn’t you?

That all depends on the purpose of the stream. If the stream is about real time engagement, you know, the back and forth banter that we all love, then Ultra-Low Latency is the right way to go.  For most live streams, however, it will be business as usual.