Facebook has had a rough few weeks. After it became widely known that you could target audience categories such as ‘NaziParty’, ‘Jew Hater’, ‘How to burn Jews’ and more (read more here), they have now announced that they are taking measures to ensure this kind of oversight does not happen again.

According to COO Sheryl Sandberg, they are instituting “more manual review of new ad targeting options”. Facebook has also re-enabled some of the targeting options that were switched off in the knee-jerk reaction to the discovery.

“After manually reviewing existing targeting options, we are reinstating the roughly 5,000 most commonly used targeting terms – such as ‘nurse,’ ‘teacher’ or ‘dentistry.’ We have made sure these meet our Community Standards,” said Sandberg, adding,  “From now on we will have more manual review of new ad targeting options to help prevent offensive terms from appearing.”

These are all steps in the right direction.