Yep, you heard right. Facebook has spun off ‘messages’ as a stand-alone campaign objective in Ads Manager.

So what does this mean you ask? Great question. Essentially, you can now drive ads that are designed to get people to open a conversation with your brand. Facebook will even optimise the target audience to those that are most likely to engage in a conversation on Facebook. This is very similar to how the ‘App Installs’ objective targets the ads to those most likely to install an app.

According to David Marcus, the head of Facebook Messenger:

“We’re going to optimize that campaign for the most amount of conversations with the right target audience,”

The ad units can be single images, videos, gallery-type carousels or Facebook’s slideshow format.

This is an interesting move and one that holds a huge amount of potential (if done right). The fact that you are optimised to those most likely to engage with you, should mean you have highly converting ad units.

I am keen to hear some of the creative ways people are going to use the campaigns types.