Well, this is an interesting move (and one I like)!

Getty Images has officially announced that is banning all photos with touched up images of models bodies. This is effective immediately and is in response to the French law that obligates publications to note images that have been touched up using a label “photographie retouchee”. The French law also states “not to submit any creative content depicting models whose body shapes have been retouched to make them thinner or larger.”

Anne Flanagan from Getty mentions:

We have been passionate about elevating the ways in which people are portrayed by the media and we have been very clearly communicating this to our contributing photographers. In fact, we’ve seen a trend towards stepping away from the hyper-airbrushed, perfect images of the past and a growing demand for intersectional realism.

It is worth noting that the ban does not include images that have had the hair colour changed, nose shape altered, retouching of skin or blemishes, etc.

Here’s hoping this begins a wider push to more realistic body images.