Instagram has been talking about ‘Instagram Shopping Tags’ for a while now. These are their eCommerce features that would enable a business to add things such as price tags and information to products within an Instagram post.

While all of this is still in development, Instagram has just announced a similar kind of tool to allow users to integrate their Instagram posts with their Shopify store.

In Shopify’s words:

“In this new rollout, merchants selected by Instagram and Shopify will be able to start tagging their posts with products in Instagram’s apps to showcase to their over 800 million monthly active users. With Shopify’s 500,000+ merchants in categories like fashion, jewelry, beauty, furniture, and home decor, it’s a perfect match to Instagram’s inspired community.”

The tags make it possible for users to make a purchase directly in the Instagram post itself.


The feature will be rolled out pre-holiday season to a small handful of Instagram users (they do plan to roll it out to the rest of us though, so watch this space).

I know this is not the fully promised ‘Shopping Tags’, but what do you think of the integration? Froma users perspective, how will the ability to purchase the items directly in the posts change the buyer behavior?