A big update to AdWords Daily Budgets has a number of digital marketers in a stir. As of the 4th October, your AdWord campaigns will be able to spend up to two times the ave daily budget.

So what does this exactly mean? Essentially, on occasion, Google can over-deliver your ads. This will, of course, overspend up to twice the daily budget you set in the account.

Now before you panic, Google has set up some parameters to ensure you do not exceed your monthly charging limit, which is a relief.

As a result of these changes, you will end up seeing a fluctuation in the daily traffic, but in the long run, it should all even out. In fact, despite the backlash from digital marketers, I would go as far as to say, this may even be a good thing. Rigid daily limits do not reflect the highly fluctuating nature of consumer behaviour. This could, in fact, help to provide a more consistent monthly traffic result.

I am keen to hear your thoughts. Is this a case of damn you Google? Or do you see this as a good step forward?