Most of us would have had a similar experience on Twitter. You saw a Tweet, but cannot remember who tweeted it and no matter how much you try to find it, you can’t.

The reason I can safely say”most of us” is because this is apparently one of the most requested features for Twitter (except of course for the feature I most want – the ability to edit Tweets).

Well, Twitter has listened and as part of Hackweek, Twitter has been working on a prototype.

Jesar Shah – Twitter’s product manager tweeted out a sneak peek yesterday:


No word yet on when this will be ready for public consumption, we will keep you posted.

As digital marketers, this is something that could be very useful. Instead of having to ‘like’ a tweet which is then publically ‘liked’, you can simply bookmark it. This is particularly useful when you are looking for content to share on your channel or researching to include in an article on a beautifully crafted digital marketing news site….oh wait….that’s me…..blush.