Most digital marketers and designers have spent countless hours trolling through stock image libraries trying to find the exact banner image that can be cut to fit the various banner sizes we need. The biggest issue isn’t necessarily the quality of the images, but where in the image the action is.  For example, if I need a banner that has activation bars or text coming in from the left, I want the action in the image to be on the right (so no faces have text over the top of them). Normally, this is a frustrating experience. Well no longer.

Shutterstock is testing an A.I. that allows you to search images based on the composition of the photo. For example, if I were searching for an image that has a kitten and a computer, then I can do my search, then drag the K and C icons (for kitten and computer) to where in the image I would like the action. The A.I. does the rest and displays images that meet that criteria.

It is worth noting, you can also search on where you would like blank space. This is definitely something I would like to see rolled out to all stock image libraries.

The service is available now on the Shutterstock test site.