There’s a title you did not expect me to write.

Twitter has just rolled out the new Video Website Card ad format. This new format is designed to use video to push clicks through to websites.

How the ad works is really quite simple. Twitter will display the autoplay video ad. Clicking on the ad on a mobile device will load your web page while the video continues to play on top of it.

You can already purchase the ad type through the self-serve ad-buying platform, or, through the Twitter direct sales team. The format uses three different types of campaign objective: either video views, awareness or website clicks.

Twitter has mentioned that during the beta testing of the new ad format, the Video Card format received twice the click-through rate of standard mobile video ads.

If this all sounds very familiar, it is because it slightly resembles the Facebook and Instagram Link Ad. Nonetheless, this could be a definite win for us digital marketers and a big win for Twitter.