Have you ever wondered how your Facebook advertising is doing compared to the competition?

Well, thanks to Socialbaker, you can now compare your ‘near real-time’ ad performance against anonymized data from over 2,000 of their clients.

According to Socialbakers, this near real-time analysis is a first. Although, it is worth noting that the ‘near’ part refers to previous day updates.

The cost of using the platform starts at $USD20 per profile per month. There is a free trial to dip your toes in the water.

Tools like this can be very useful, most digital marketers seem to have the same questions when it comes to ad performance and it can be next to impossible to get answers to them. The Socialbakers tool part way helps with this. The tool breaks down performance against industry, country and region, however, those in niche industries may find it difficult to have a good comparison base.


Socialbakers are expecting to add Instagram ad performance soon (although, no word on when ‘soon’ is)