It has been only eight months since Pinterest released search ads. Now the pin-board service has added a self-service ad-buying tool.

This is great news for those wanting to run some test campaigns on the platform. Using the tool, you can set up campaigns using the same options that are available through their direct sales team (or third-party tools) such as phrase-match targeting as well as broad and exact keywords.

Pinterest has also added a useful new feature with ‘Auto-targeting which lets you target beyond the traditional set of keywords. Anyone that knows Pinterest, will know that 97% of the 2 billion monthly searches, do not contain brand terms. To get around this limitation, the new Autotargeting option will target search queries that are considered relevant by Pinterest’s Taste Graph, an index of over 100 billion pins and the metadata that goes with them.

It will be interesting to see what performance Pinterest advertising brings.  Let us know if you have run any test campaigns with them and how this will shape your ad spend going forward.