I am going to start sounding like an Adobe fanboy here. In fact, after the latest tech showcased at Adobe’s annual MAX Conference, I may just be a fanboy.

Adobe showcased some impressive prototypes that use A.I. to do all the heavy lifting for you.

First up was ‘Scene Stitch’ – a new technology that is essentially the ‘Content Aware Fill’ on steroids. It works the same way as the ‘Content Aware Fill’ tool, but instead of just searching within the picture for a plausible filter, Scene Stich uses all of Adobe’s stock photo library as a giant paint palette to work from. Adobe is even trying to make the tool semantically aware. Basically, this means it can suggest swapping out a person with a tree or more people.

Have a look at the presentation and let me know what you think:



Next up is #ProjectCloak. Essentially, the same type of tool, but for video.

#ProjectCloak allows you to isolate a specific element within a clip and the A.I. will then work out the best way to remove it from the video. The beauty of this, however, is that you do not need to do this frame by frame, #ProjectCloak with do the entire scene for you.

Have a look at the presentation here:



These are some incredibly impressive tools and I cannot wait for them to be released into the wild so we all have a chance to play with them.