We have had a lot of feedback on the ATG Learn page. The majority of the feedback relates to either “give me more, I need to learn” or “I love the concept, but the courses are too much commitment, I just don’t have the time”.

Well, good news. You would have seen in the latest Week In Digital Marketing Video our latest tech find is a micro-learning platform called HighBrow.

The premise is simple: sign up for a course (there are a lot of free courses) and for the next 10 days, you will receive 5-minute lessons in your inbox each morning.

The courses range from “Problem Solving” to “Memorable Customer Service”, from “Making Your Own Podcast” to “Coding Concepts”.

So treat yourself to learning something new every day with https://gohighbrow.com.

Note, you can only do one course at a time, however, I can completely vouch for the service, I am using it as part of my morning ‘Powerup Routine’.