Facebook has made an interesting announcement. As of February 6th, 2018, the native Like button that is embedded in third-party apps will no longer function.

You can still opt to create your own button and have it perform the same function, but, Facebook will be switching off the native version.

According to Ming Li at Facebook:

“We’re continuously evaluating how to best serve our developer community. To support this effort, we recently reviewed our product offerings to ensure our resources are focused on building and enhancing the solutions that create the most value for developers. As a result, some products will sunset in order for us to build new products for our developer community,”

There are a number of changes that Facebook is making. The Like button is one, additionally, they are also sunsetting App Invites (can I get a collective yay!?!).

Essentially, if you have an IOS or Android app that uses Facebook native tools, you need to ensure that these changes are not going to impact you.