The fears of Australian retailers could be about to come true. Some clever sods over at Reddit have seen the early signs that a full launch of Amazon in Australia could happen in time for Black Friday.

In a post on the Australia subreddit, the user repaisalmostcomplet highlighted that a number of products that are Australia (and by proxy New Zealand) are now available on the store including powerboards with the Australian outlet.

Previously, the only thing available on Amazon in Australia is e-books.

Now, remember, this is only speculation at this stage, but we already know that Amazon plans to launch in Australia (and hopefully New Zealand shortly after), but this is some solid evidence that the arrival could be imminent.

So what does this mean for digital marketers?  Essentially, a really powerful way to reach the Australian audience. Talk to anyone running ad campaigns on Amazon and they will highlight the ROI they get.  It is a hidden gem and one I cannot wait to be able to leverage.