Facebook as just rolled out some changes that make life a lot easier to advertise around the world. Say, for example, you were a random Russian media agency and for some random reason, you thought to advertise to Americans, Facebook has just made your job a lot simpler. Obviously, this is a purely hypothetical scenario and the Russians would have no vested interest in doing so. But if they did, they would be happy.

Ok, obvious Trump jokes aside, these changes are legitimately useful. Let’s break them down:

Dynamic Language Optimisation

This update is useful for those that want to run the same campaign to multiple languages. Previously, you would have had to set up a separate campaign for each language you want to use. Now, Facebook allows you to configure a campaign to have text in multiple languages. Facebook would then show the language that matches your language preference in Facebook. Pretty sweet!

Multicity Targeting

Not sure which city you wish to target? Maybe you just want to target cities of a specific size or population. Well, Facebook has your back with Multicity Targeting. Now you can select cities with a population between x and y. For example, I may want to target cities that have a population between 1 and 4 million people, simple, just set those as the parameters and you won’t have to have a degree in geography to know what cities to set up.

Multicountry Look-a-like Audiences

Previously, we all had access to create look-a-like audiences in new countries based on a specific audience from our own. For example, I may have a highly converting demographic here in New Zealand and want to create a look-a-like audience in Australia and the UK. This would mean I had to set up separate campaigns for both Australia and the UK.

Facebook to the rescue, you can now select multiple countries to apply the look-a-like audience to within the same campaign.

International Audience Finder

This is more for brands that want to reach an international market but don’t have a clue where to start. You can now use the International Audience Finder to pick your current country you market in, the industry you are in and the campaign objective.  Facebook will then query it’s Cross-Border Insights Finder to give you a list of countries where advertisers like you have had success. It includes the cost of advertising, how competitive the market is, and how likely the people are to convert.

You can even select up to eleven countries to compare across a given industry and objective.


Some great updates and ones that I know will excite a number of brands.