Sometimes I feel Snapchat is like the DC movies they just won’t give up – until the reach the right formula #Wonderwoman. After all, practice makes it perfect.

Audience filter – works like the current Snapchat filters – but this time enables brands to target their audience based on the time of day, age, gender, language, type of device etc.

Like the initiative and I understand the rational – trying to entice advertisers by offering a more granular audience segmentation.

As discussed, on the ATG video last week – Q3 earning reports didn’t meet the forecast (down by 60%) – this new feature demonstrate Snapchat willingness to turn their brand perception around while making an effort to be more appealing to advertisers and agencies.

Love the resilience Snapchat but unsure whether this new feature will attract new advertisers or just Instagram’s interest, which will probably copy it and make it better…