Facebook is doubling down on trying to lure video creators over to Facebook from YouTube.

The latest in this effort is the Facebook Creators app. A standalone app that is designed to make managing your video content seamless and simple.

So what does the app give you?  The key features are:

  • You can up the quality of your live video streams in the app
  • Manage comments from your viewers
  • Manage messages from your viewers
  • Post stories in both Facebook and Instagram
  • Analyse the performance of your videos

The app also includes a creative kit which easily allows you to add intros, outros and graphics to your live broadcasts. There are even custom stickers so people watching your live broadcasts can interact with you.

In addition to the release of the app, Facebook has also announced the launch of a website which will become a resource and education centre for video creators. It will feature tips and tricks, FAQs, and a chance to test new features before anyone else.

These are some nice additions to Facebooks arsenal, it will be interesting to see if this does succeed in luring the creators over.