It seems Facebook is testing out another rip off of a Snapchat feature.

Twitter user @CaseSandberg spotted a clone of Snapchat ‘Streaks’ within Facebook Messenger.



If you are aware what ‘Streaks’ are, they are essentially the most annoying and manipulative features on Snapchat. Streaks are primarily targetted at the younger demographic and reward users for sending messages back and forth over consecutive days.  The more days you do it in a row, the bigger the streak.

So why is this so annoying? For me, it is mainly because of the addictive nature of these types of features. They release dopamine in a similar fashion to gambling. This would be a lot more palatable if the feature wasn’t aimed at children.

What will be interesting is to see how businesses use the feature. A lot more brands are using messenger as a business tool and the ability to reward constant engagement (especially when combined with a messenger bot) could show some interesting results.