The brand new “recommended for all” feature on Instagram is now being rolled out to all users.

We only found out last week (via the Verge) that they were testing the new feature and now, thanks to the eagle eyes over at Techcrunch, they have started rolling it out to all. They even noted that there is now a section in the help documentation regarding the recommended posts (if that’s not proof, we don’t know what is).


Although the concept of the recommended posts sounds great (and in theory, could be a great opportunity for organic reach for brands), the reality may be a little different.

To access the recommended posts, users must have first viewed ALL new posts from the people they follow. Judging by how many I follow, I honestly don’t think I have ever got through all the posts.

It will be interesting to see what consumer reactions will be like and if posts will see much traction from this organic source.