I just want to take a moment to thank you all for an awesome 2017 and to wish you all a wonderful and prosperous New Year from the team here at All The Geek!

2017 was a crazy year. After meeting a bunch of talented and passionate digital marketers in Singapore in July, we saw a tangible need for a site that has up to date info on the crazy (and super fast paced) world of digital marketing. So that became the catalyst that birthed ATG.

In all reality, I did not anticipate the amazing response from all of you and the amount of effort required to constantly keep updated (as the news NEVER stops). So we grew the team and I welcomed Nathan and Maher to help me out with the site.

Then thanks to far too many overseas trips, family illnesses, work commitments, we completely lost all of December.

So now we get to 2018 and a renewed commitment that we will do our very best to ensure you have up to date info and relevant news (plus the odd dad joke or three).

I will also try to keep up the weekly video summaries as we have had a lot of feedback that a number of you prefer to digest the news in this format.

So raise your glasses and cheers for this great little community we are all now part of. Keep the feedback coming and look out for real-world events this year so we can hopefully all meet face to face.



Vince and the team