Twitter Moments are a way to collate a collection of tweets. Twitter opened this up to publishers over two years ago and we have still not seen much adoption and/or the ability to monetise.

All of that is about to change (well, at least the monetisation part), as Twitter looks to change Moments to be more in line with Publisher Stories on Snapchat.

Twitter will now enable publishers the ability to make money from Moments through sponsorships with brands.

The new feature is going to be called Sponsored Moments and will allow brands to sponsor individual publisher moments. It also allows for the brand to be featured on the Moments’s cover as well as ads appearing throughout the Moment collection.

One of the first publishers to take advantage of this is Bloomberg.

Meena Thiruvengadam – the Global Head of Audience Development at Bloomberg had this to say:

Twitter Moments offers a unique way to curate our content around key storylines and events in a way readers can best understand the most important stories unfolding around them. At Bloomberg, we’re always experimenting with new ways to present our content to better engage with new audiences while creating premium content that advertisers want to align with.

Have a look at the moment embedded below